Welcome to the Southampton Advisory Outreach Service for SEND!

The service provides a range of support for pupils and students with SEND and behavioural needs in mainstream schools and settings. Our aim is to provide a high quality support service to enable these pupils and students to receive a quality education tailored to their individual needs and to strengthen their inclusion within mainstream settings.

Our range of services are detailed and accessible from this website.

We look forward to working with you!

Clare Belli - Head of Outreach

Role of Service

The Southampton Advisory Outreach Service provides support for schools across Southampton in relation to inclusion. It is commissioned by Southampton City Council under a Service Level Agreement and led and managed by Springwell Special School.

The role of SAOS

  • Outreach services promote inclusion and improve life chances of vulnerable pupils.
  • Specialist teachers are most effective when they demonstrate effective strategies for others to observe.
  • Outreach staff provide an understanding of SEND, making a major contribution to pupil progress.
(Inclusion: the impact of LA support and outreach services, OFSTED 2005)

The role of SAOS in relation to the SEND Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years (2014)

The new CoP identifies the following priorities:

  • Early identification of children and young people‚Äôs needs and early intervention to support them.
  • Need to involve specialists to advise on early identification of SEN and effective support and interventions.
  • Involvement of specialists where a pupil continues to make little or no progress over a sustained period despite evidence based SEN support.
As such, the Outreach Advisory Outreach Service for SEND is an integral part of the continuum of support offered to Southampton schools.

Our aims

  • To provide support and challenge for primary and secondary schools in relation to school improvement and outcomes for children with SEND.
  • To provide a flexible and joined up outreach service that responds to the overlapping needs of the individual pupil/student and ensures early intervention.
  • To increase the capacity of mainstream schools to develop high quality inclusive practice for pupils with SEND.
  • To provide problem solving support via Primary Heads Inclusion Group (PHIG).
  • To provide opportunities for mainstream staff to observe best practice in relation to SEND.

Principles behind referral process and access to service

  • To provide one joined up outreach service, led and managed by Springwell School.
  • To provide a funded basic entitlement to all schools as part of the local offer.
  • To enable schools to drive decision making about prioritisation of referrals.
  • To ensure all schools have access to early intervention for identified pupils.
  • To provide layers of support to meet the different needs of pupils and schools.
  • To provide a flexible range of charges to meet the needs of schools accessing support.