About Us

How we work

The team has the expertise and experience to provide support to pupils/students with a variety of complex learning, physical and emotional, behavioural needs across primary and secondary schools. Whilst individual team members have particular skills and strengths, staff are able to work across the age range of mainstream schools.

Each team member retains a working knowledge of their specialism by spending an agreed weekly period of time in a host special school.

Team structure

The team consists of:

  • Head of Outreach
  • Outreach Advisory Teachers
  • Outreach Specialist Support Assistants
  • Administrator

Staff Team

Clare Belli
Head of Southampton Inclusion Partnership and Outreach

Rachel Martin
Outreach Advisory Teacher

Sadie Bedford
Outreach Advisory Teacher

Sarah Meenaghan
Outreach Advisory Teacher

Natalie Smith
Outreach SSA

Elaine Nijjer
Outreach SSA

Juliet Wheeler
Outreach SSA

Janice Singleton
SAOS Administrator


Governance of the service whilst ultimately the responsibility of the LA, is led by Springwell School.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

The service is reviewed annually against performance indicators to ensure service capacity, quality and impact.

All schools are asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of an intervention, in order to provide quality assurance information and enable the service to continue to improve.

Expectations for school receiving support

  • In the case of children with very challenging behaviour, the school will need to have in place a behaviour management plan / risk assessment prior to support as SAOS staff cannot become involved in any form of physical intervention with a pupil.
  • Arrange teacher or teaching assistant release time for discussion where appropriate.
  • Ensure teaching assistant or teacher is available to work alongside SAOS staff to receive advice and training.
  • Develop resources for pupil/student based on the examples shown, adapting them as appropriate.
  • Release SENCo, teacher and teaching assistant to discuss progress at review meetings.
  • Consistently sustain the support systems and strategies suggested by SAOS between sessions.
  • Take responsibility for cascading advice and strategies to other staff members in order to build capacity within school.
  • In the event of a cancellation, inform the service as soon as possible.